Thursday, March 24, 2011

All Vintage Everything! Shopping with Fashion Designer Sarah Liller

Tuesday night was an fun filled night with models, fashion, wine, vintage, make-up and feather extensions just to name of few. I had a chance to get up close and personal with Fashion Designer Sarah Liller, while sipping wine and thumbing through hangers of beautiful vintage pieces at the All Vintage Everything event.

If you don't already know Sarah Liller, you will want to get to know her and soon. She may be new to San Francisco, but not to design. She is a graduate of Parsons and one of the future faces of fashion. Her style is feminine rocker chic and shows both sides of a girl's personality. Intricate soft lace with bold open shoulders, sheer drape and piecework that is for the bad ass in you. She rocks a mean runway; I invite you to take a look... I fell in love with her line and I know you will too.

5:05 pm- We met up at Loft 1513 to chat with Larissa Verdussen and Yugala Priti prior to the show. I was wearing one of Yugala's gorgeous silk dresses from her Priti line to the show and I needed to be fitted. Models were filing in one at a time for the fitting for the upcoming Charity Fashion Show on April 7th. The 2011 Designer List had been announced and Larissa is showing her RAG-DOll line and Sarah and I have a seat to the show. We sipped our wine and chatted amongst the chaos of the fitting. It was the kind of chaos that calms you knowing that you are part of something greater.

6:58pm-We caught the J and headed over to the Sub-Mission Gallery for the All Vintage Everything event. Co-hosted by SF Indie Fashion and DNA (designers + artists), they invited local vintage dealers such as:
  • Retrofit Republic
  • Hummingbird Vintage
  • Goodbye Heart
  • Bayside Boutique
  • Apocalypse Vintage
My favorite selection was from Goodbye Heart. They had beautiful leather, tweed and faux fur jackets and vests that were an absolute must have. Retrofit Republic offered some fantastic vintage shoes, gorgeous dresses and other wares. Bayside Boutique had a serious selection of Betty Draper worthy night gowns and lingerie. We stopped by and tried on a few pairs of sunglasses and had a moment of nostalgia thinking of how cool we once were on our banana seat bikes...

8:08pm-We took a break from shopping to visit Make-up artist, Nikol Elaine and got a lesson in eyeshadow just before participating in the FEATHER EXTENSIONS!!! No, this is not some mid-eighties white-trash look, it is an updated version of subtle spunk. Individual long, beautiful feathers that resemble highlights, are placed near your scalp and then temporarily affixed using a tiny metal clamp. You can wear them for up to a month, wash them like hair and have them easily removed at any time. If you choose to remove them yourself, just use a needle nose pliers to pinch the clamp the opposite way, gently remove feathers one by one and then slide the tiny clamp down your tresses. Simple and sexy!

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